About Cindy

Ever since I was a young girl, nature was an important factor in my life. Part of my youth I lived in rural areas like Hoekse Waard and I loved the vast country. Spending every holiday in the country side added to my passion for nature’s beauty and all its creatures.

My father who loved history and art – he owns an impressive art collection –  passed on to me the love for fine arts. Many weekends were spent visiting museums. He also stimulated personal creativity by supplying me with an abundance of paintboxes, brushes and other craft materials.

At the age of 21 I entered the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Here I encountered (the works of art of) painters like Charlotte Salomon, Jan Mankes, Breitner and Weissenbruch. They deeply affected and influenced me.

Since my graduation in 1999 I favour painting landscapes. I thoroughly enjoy and feel inspired by nature’s ever changing rhythms, skies and colours. Visits to nature areas in England, Luxembourg and Denmark add to my inspiration and close to home I regularly can be found in the Dutch polder making photos.

Nowadays I mostly work with acrylic paint on canvas, but also use watercolours and other kinds of ink. Graphic techniques, such as etching and linocut I love to work with from time to time, but mainly focus in my work on painting.